Permanent Residency by Investment

European Residency Investment Programs


European residency investments programs have been designed to promote direct investments in the European countries and mostly in the real estate and government debts fields.

You and your family as investors will obtain European Permanent Residence status through an immigration program and subsequently after a number of years of holding this residence have the right to apply foranEuropean citizenship without residing away or renouncing your current nationality. And as such you will be able to live, work and study in the European Union, European Economic Area, and Switzerland.

The programs enables a foreign investor to obtain Permanent Residency and subsequently once the PR has been held for anumber of years to apply to become a naturalized citizen.
CC and our partners are experts for investment in real estate properties worldwide with an international background and years of robust presence on the various markets.

European Residency Investment Programs

Countries Investment Cost starting From Type of Investment Time to keep Investment Time to Residency Time to Citizenship Visa-Free Required Residency Tax implications due to residence
BULGARIA – NON SCHENGEN EURO 512K /1mio,fast track Guaranteed BOND- Financing option 5 years 7-9 months 5 years /2 years fast track 140 countries for citizens/ mainly Bulgaria for permanent resident but ease to obtain Schengen visa 0 Yes but conditional no taxation on worldwide income
CYPRUS -NON SCHENGEN EURO300K Real Estate 5 years 3 months none Mainly Cyprus but ease to obtain Schengen visa and currently in process of adhering to Schengen 0 Yes but no tax on worldwide income
GREECE-SCHENGEN EURO250K Real estate 5 years 2 months 7 years 168 countries-US Canada for citizen/ all over Schengen states and Europe for permanent residents 0 yes
MALTA SCHENGEN EURO 600K Evidence foreign income of Euro100K or Capital Euro 500K+ Donation Euro 30k+ Maltese property Euro 320k+ Bond Euro250k 5years for Bond/ indefinitely for property 1,5 month 168 countries including US Yes but taxation on income remitted in Malta and Maltese sourced income only
PORTUGAL-SCHENGEN EURO 500K Real Estate 5 years 2 months 6 years 171 countries-Canada for citizen/ all over Schengen states and Europe for permanent residents 7days per year yes
Real Estate 5 years 3 months 6 years 171 countries- Canada for citizen/ all over Schengen states and Europe for
permanent residents
0 yes

Non-European Residency Investment Programs

MALAYSIA USD80K OR USD40K based on age for 10 years multi entry visa /
USD2mio for permanent residency
Fixed deposit For the duration of visa 1 month 0 Malaysia/ Malaysia and other countries 0 Yes depending of time spent in country
PANAMA USD 300.000 Interest Bearing Fixed Deposit 5 years 5 months none 120 countries including European Union 0 no
Or yearly lump sum tax from USD220,000 to USD870,000
Enterprise or annual lump sum tax As long as residency required 3 to 4 months Schengen countries
(26 countries)
of the year
UAE- United Arab Emirates USD300,000
Or USD25,000
Real estate or establishment of company ( employees and physical office not required) As long as residency required 1 month no 121 countries 1 visit every six months no
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